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Timetable and Ticket Information

On-line and conventional sources

The Passenger Train Operating Companies

Contact details, franchise status, main routes, major places served

The Regulators and Customer Representation

Includes The National Conditions of Carriage

Telephone Enquiry Offices and Minicom Services
The Freight Companies
Other Parts and Former Parts of the British Railways Board

How it works.
Who owns what. Who operates what.

The politics.
What the government and the parties say.

What is Berne Gauge?
A Frequently Asked Question

Just for Fun

Some Photos from the Vault

And Some More - Updated 25/1/97

Other WWW Railway Hubs

Mercurio - The European Railway Server

UK Railways on The Net
Information and the pages of some of the Train Operating Companies


UK Heritage Railways
Links to pages about preserved railways and rolling stock

British Rail International
Mainly for North American Customers

Other UK Railway Systems

London Transport - London Underground - The Tube

The Docklands Light Railway

Another Page on Privatisation

Roger Ford's British Rail Privatisation Home Page

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